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Creating a landing page and a promotion page

The tool for fast sales!

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We’re launching a fast landing on WordPress. A single page site is an ideal tool to launch promotions of a single product or service. To develop such a site we need only a designer and developer.


We will create a website fully ready to attract customers, set up in Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrika and integrate the page with any CRM-system if necessary.

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Starting work

Formulation of the purpose and concept of the page.


Content creation and UX-prototype landing. Development of a UI design layout.

Project development

Page layout for different browsers and resolutions.

Ready Landing

Ready work, making final edits.

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Why do you need landing page

High-quality site is an effective way to attract customers. It helps to launch a new product or service on the market, get contacts via feedback form and sell absolutely everything from beauty services to luxury real estate. Compared to a multi-page website, there is more conversion and less development time.
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How much is a landing page?

The price for creating a site in uxhot.com depends on the design, complexity of the layout and the need to integrate landing page with other services.
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Express landing

Deadline: 7 days. Typical design. Without complex functionality.
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Deadline: 14 days. Unique design. Functionality of various complexity.
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Deadline: 20 days or more. Unique design and functionality. Substitution of content for request.
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The development cost includes:

Site with one page;
Connecting your domain;
Filling the site with your content (you provide materials online);
SEO site optimization;
Registration in search systems Google and Yandex;
Management system for your site CRM;
Backing up your site;
Technical support 1 month.

Stages of creating a new page

1. You contact us and get a free consultation;
2. We send you the contract and the invoice to 100% prepayment;
3. We create a prototype of the site and approve the design with you;
4. We ask you for content (text, logo, price list, company colors, photos in .jpg format);
5. Development of a site and addition of a content, loading on a hosting. Connecting your chosen domain, CRM system, Google Analytics and Yandex Metrics;
6. Testing of the finished page. Free technical support for one month.
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Order landing page development

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We will consult you free of charge on the development of your website, give you recommendations and discuss the terms.

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=»19px»][vc_column_text css=».vc_custom_1590156160890{padding-right: 70px !important;}»]Email: lk@uxhot.com

Telegram: @looklk

WhatsApp: +7 928 459 7451[/vc_column_text]

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